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About Us

Gabriela's Seafood + Tapas is founded by Sara Humpal, who chose the restaurant's name and design to reflect and honor the beauty and elegance of her mother. 

Though no longer with us, Gabriela's spirit can be found in the many details of the restaurant, including the feather detail in the logo.


Here's a few words from Sara:

"Originally from Monterrey, Mexico, my vivacious mother Maria Gabriela Huerta Humpal introduced me to the Latin flavors and dishes that you will find incorporated into our cuisine. 

She had hopes opening up her own restaurant or coffee shop one day. So, Gabriela’s will be a tribute to her, and her infectious energy, liveliness, and beauty. My mother always enjoyed bringing people together for any event or celebration. People that knew her would agree that she always danced like nobody was watching! 

Growing up, I have always loved exploring new foods, and my mother was a great influence in the love that I have for food today. I have had the opportunity to travel to some really amazing places in the world, and my favorite thing to do is explore new restaurants and cafes. I love to learn about the cultures attached to the different foods around the world, too.


I truly enjoy sharing an eating experience with my family and friends that is filled with laughter, love, and community. I hope to create an environment for beautiful memorable experiences for you and your family/friends at Gabriela’s." 

Sara Humpal
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